Non-Profit Partners

We feel it is important for us to benefit locally based organizations that provide access to healthy food and lifestyle options to those who would otherwise go without.  Ten percent of all proceeds from The Positive Plate will benefit three projects – all of which are based in San Diego county.


Olivewood Garden & Learning Center
Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center’s historic 6.85-acre property in National City, California serves as an interactive, indoor-outdoor classroom for children and adults from around San Diego County.  Olivewood provides science based environmental education lessons, hands-on gardening, and hands-on cooking to students and families from underserved communities.


San Diego Hunger Coalition
 The San Diego Hunger Coalition mission is to build a successful anti-hunger network that eliminates food insecurity in San Diego County. They accomplish this in a number of ways including ensuring maximum participation in and effectiveness of available food security resources, and convening and educating anti-hunger organizations to increase collaboration and communication between them and access to affordable and nutritious foods for those facing hunger


Project Haiti
An ongoing project sponsored by Ecofficiency.Org, Project Haiti provides simple, yet highly effective, water filters to communities deep in the mountains. Many of the people in these areas have died of cholera – although most people do not know what cholera even is.
Ecofficiency.Org is also building an aquaponics system at a school near where they do their work as a way to provide fresh produce and fresh fish to a population that frequently goes without.

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